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At Jay Egge Automatic we will always work hard to earn your trust and appreciation. We are very thankful for the many kind words we have received over the years. We'd like to share a few of those comments with you to help you better understand that we are "Driven to be the best". 

A Tale of Two Transmissions

Yes, not one but two vehicles with transmission problems within three weeks. This is a true story, a true nightmare, with a great ending.

The story starts out simply enough with my son going back to college (SDSU) in his classic 1995 Dodge Stratus. The old girl decided to lay down on Interstate 29 with major transmission problems. In layman’s terms, it was shelled out.

To complicate this predicament, a major winter storm was rapidly approaching and I certainly didn’t want a snow plow launching the Stratus into some deep dark South Dakota hole. 

Fortunately, I was able to get a towing service to venture out on bad roads and retrieve my son’s car. In fact, a friendly guy named Doug recommended Todd Egge to fix my son’s transmission.

Now being somewhat of a skeptic, I was hoping Todd was not Doug’s favorite nephew who had just gotten a set of new tools and needed a client.

I placed a call to Jay Egge Automatic Service Inc. and spoke with the owner, Todd Egge. He was very professional and exhibited a great deal of knowledge about transmissions. I decided during our conversation to bite the financial bullet and said “fix it,” for $1700. One must realize that I was an hour and a half away from Sioux Falls and had never met Todd Egge, but I was hoping and praying that I had made the right decision.
In fact, I was looking forward to meeting Todd face-to-face when the Stratus was fixed and ready to pick up. However, good old South Dakota and Iowa weather prevented me from going to Sioux Falls the day it was ready. My son managed to get a ride to Sioux Falls to pick up his car and safely get home for Christmas. Christmas was great, but the Stratus still had some transmission problems that needed addressed.

Now pay attention, this is the nuts and bolts part of the tale. Good old dad gets to make the call to Todd telling him that we have a problem. We’ve all been in this situation where the shop guy says, “Bring it back and we’ll fix it.” Of course it’s usually $500 later added to the bill and it does get fixed.

Wrong. Todd simply said, “We’ll make it right, and thank you for calling.”

Wow! What a guy. “Did I hear him correctly? Am I dreaming?”
The facts are very simple Todd simply fixed my son’s car with no additional cost and even provided me a van to drive home! This type of treatment certainly showed me that Todd Egge is a man of integrity, a man who takes pride in his work, and certainly a man you can trust.

The story doesn’t end here, because now the tale of the second transmission begins. Yes, the second in three weeks. Can you believe the irony in this situation? My 2001 Windstar Van decided it also needed Todd’s personal attention and mechanical expertise. It was very reassuring to know that Todd Egge at Jay Egge Automatic Service would fix the van at a fair price and totally stand behind his work.

In conclusion, I would like to personally thank Todd Egge for taking care of our transmission needs and would highly recommend him to anyone who has transmission problems.

Lee Waldo

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